Wednesday 8 February 2017

Capers/Kabra/Kachra Benefits for Hair

Capers/Kabra/Kachra Benefits for Hair

Capers/Kabra/Kachra Benefits for Hair
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1. Promotes Hair Growth

Capers are rich source of vitamin B and iron. Both of these micronutrients are well known for promoting hair growth and to achieve healthy hair. Iron is known to help prevent hair loss. While vitamin B is necessary for the blood circulation and hence its promotes the overall growth of hair since blood circulation is very important to have healthy hair.

2. Prevents Hair Loss

Capers are widely used as an important ingredient in several herbal and natural hair care products. It not only promotes the hair growth but also plays an important role in controlling and prevention of excessive hair loss.

3. Healthy and Shiny Hair

This small sized caper is capable enough to provide you Healthy and shiny hair. You can consume it in your diet or try the application of hair products in which capers has been used.

Capers contains fewer calories but the micro nutrients and certain healthy chemical compounds are present in it in a very good amount. You can enjoy your favorite non-vegetarian cuisine by simply adding them to prevent certain unwanted health issues. But you must take care of few things before adding it in your daily diet. These are:

Do not consume canned ones if you are on low sodium diet.

Excessive eating causes thirst so be aware.

If you suffering from osteoporosis, better try to avoid capers as it prevents absorption of calcium.

If you are pregnant women or undergoing any surgery then you must avoid them.

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