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Health Benefits of Orange Juice

India 05 September 2016: God has bless us with countless blessing on  is the fresh fruits. Each and every fruits are helpful and beneficial for a human being we all have to thank to its  nutritional properties i am gonna tell you about  nutritional value (worth) of Orange Juice and advantages/ health benefits of orange and its freshly squeezed juice. Orange juice is the juice squeezed from the popular and delicious citrus fruit oranges.  Orange juice is believed as one of the healthiest fruit because it has lots variety of health benefits that include orange juice boost our immune system function of our body, reduce signs of aging, Fight us from cancer, boost cellular repair and metabolism, detoxify the body, improve our blood circulation, improves blood pressure, reduces inflammation, and lowers our cholesterol levels. Years long Orange is a staple of eating and Oranges originated somewhere in Southeast Asia. Oranges this fruit is one of the most delicious and famous citrus fruits and its scientific name is Citrus sinensis. There are lots of orange varieties but this is the sweet orange the most famous and commonly eaten fruit. This provides some of the most delicious types of orange juice many people who prefer the juice from blood oranges, mandarin oranges, or even bitter oranges.

Health Benefits of Orange Juice

Oranges are one of the most famous and delicious fruits that are equally popular for elder people, adults and children as well. This  nature gift not only gives us a wonderful taste but also increase the resistance power. Orange juice has wonderful nutrients present in the oranges which help our to body fight against various type of diseases such as cardiovascular problems, cancer and gastrointestinal disorders. Any one who drink this orange juice can take the advantages of this fruit in very little time by drinking or consuming fresh orange juice. When you drink the oranges juice the nutrients quickly enter the bloodstream without going through  the digestion process.

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Health Benefits of Orange Juice

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The orange juice is as helpful as eating the whole fruit provided it is 100 percent natural and does not contain any preservatives, additives and sugar. If you dont like to eat an orange you can remove the juice from orange juice and drink the fruit juice. The skin and pulp in oranges fruit also have a lots of
health benefits but you can get most most common nutrients and beneficial components out of orange juice by eating or drinking the orange juice.You must not drink frozen orange juice, canned orange juice, or concentrate orange juice because with all of the processing you will lose natural nutrients
 and Juice manufacturers add chemicals to store this nutrients which can be harmful for our body We must drink natural and make sure we are getting all the benefits of this Wonderful and delicious Oranges fruit juice.

Health Benefits of Orange Fruit Juice


Health Benefits of Orange Juice

Orange Fruit Juice for Immune System


Health benefits Orange Juice for Immune System

Oranges and orange juice are loaded with healing properties and one of the best source is the vitamin C that we all can add to a diet by consuming it. Orange juice helps us to boost our immunue system. Orange juice benefits our immune system by increasing  our intake of vitamin C. Oranges are loaded with vitamin C that protects cells by stopping free radicals. Free radicals cause illness (diseases) like cancer and heart disease. Vitamin C keeps our skin healthy so that it can maintain a strong protection against pathogens from entering our body. It promote production of white blood cells and increases white blood cell function. A single glass of orange juice can give 200 percent of the daily requirement of vitamin C. Our body does not store vitamin C so we have to replace it daily. Eating 1 orange will gives you a full day required amount of Vitamin C. Ascorbic acid promote for healthy cell growth for making skin, blood vessels, muscles and cartilage. It is very important that we have Ascorbic acid for healthy bones and healing damaged tissue. Ascorbic acid helps fight heart disease, cancer and arthritis. If we dont have enough amount of vitamin C everyday you become liable to high blood pressure, bleeding gums, dry skin, bruising and plaque in your blood vessels. Ascorbic acid is one of the neccessary components of collagen, which is required to repair cells and for the growth of new tissues in the body.

Orange Fruit Juice prevent us from Cancer


Health benefits Orange Juice prevent us from Cancer

Vitamin C does wonder It has an antioxidant properties as antioxidants important functions is to prevent cancer. Antioxidants help to keep DNA of healthy cells from mutating into cancerous cells so antioxidants like vitamin C are the first one to protect from cancer and other various diseases.
Orange juice  also has antioxidant hesperidin which helps in slowing down the tumor growth and even promoting apoptosis, programmed cell death in cancerous cells. Oranges are rich in citrus limonoids and help to fight a lot variety of cancer including skin, lung, breast, stomach and colon.

Orange Fruit Juice a Detoxifying Properties


Health benefits Orange Juice a Detoxifying Properties
Orange Juice along with vitamin c orange juice is also rich in vitamin A which works as an antioxidant. Orange Juice detoxifies our body by promoting the function of the kidneys. Vitamin A always been goof for our eyes and taking enough amount of vitamin A in our diet will also helps us to see at night as well as macular degeneration. A glass of orange juice or a meium sized orange contain 50 percent of the neccessary required of vitamin A.

Orange Fruit Juice promotes Blood Circulation and Creation


Health benefits Orange Juice promotes Blood Circulation and Creation


Amazing aspect of oranges and orange juice, is its folate content. Oranges juice this fruit are especially rich source of folic acid. Orange juice is a natural source of folate with 1 glass of orange juice gives us 74.4 micrograms of the vitamin. Folic acid is important to synthesize DNA, RNA and to restore, help the rapid cell division and growth, To make healthy red blood cells, It is very necessary for pregnant women to have enough folic acid to prevent major birth defects of her baby brain or spine and also Enhances brain health. Folate also known as vitamin b9 it is is a member of the B complex vitamin Folate is important vitamin in the making of DNA and the growth of new cells. Folate protect the cells from damage of free radicals. folate is essential for the production of new red blood cells its also promotes blood circulation to the extremities. Folate improves the metabolism system of the body and all other systems present in the body making them more efficient.

Orange Fruit Juice - Inflammation


Health benefits Orange Juice Inflammation
Oranges is an excellent  anti Inflammation agent because of its properties meals which are High in sugar and high in fat lead to inflammation of various body parts which in turn causes resistance to insulin which is the major cause of type 2 diabetes and atherosclerosis. Research has shown that orange juice can fight this insulin resistance and reduce inflammation and protect the heart and keep a healthy cardiovascular System. Orange Juice also keep diabetes away.

Orange fruit Juice Blood Pressure


Health benefits Orange Juice Blood Pressure

Daily consumption of Orange Juice can reduce high blood pressure. Thus helping you maintain a healthy (cardiovascular diseases) heart.  Orange Juice are full of soluble fiber oranges are very helpful in lowering cholesterol. Hesperidin and magnesium in oranges help to control blood pressure effectively. Daily consumption of orange juice can reduce high blood pressure,Thus helping you maintain a healthy heart.

Orange fruit Juice control Cholesterol Balance


Health benefits Orange Juice control Cholesterol Balance

High cholesterol is very danger since it lead to cardiovascular disease Orange juice are best to reduce the presence and effects of bad cholesterol and increases the good cholesterol in our body. Orange Juices are loaded with antioxidants which have been proven to lowers bad cholesterol and promotes good cholesterol. It also helps improving blood circulation to the heart, which keeps your heart healthy.

A few line of warning 

A few line of warning  of orange juice fruit


One glass of freshly squeezed orange juice is the best thing we can have in our diet we must not have have too much it can be dangerous. Orange juice is the juice of the citrus fruits it is acidic we must not drink lot we have too much acidic liquid in the body it can upset our stomach. Oranges loaded with glycemic drinking a lot can cause major changes in our blood sugar levels, which can cause to varying energy levels all through the day and further causes diabetic complications  or pre-diabetic patients. if you want the whole benefit of orange dont juice it have it as a fruit after removing the peels The best way to get  the most fiber from the fruit. the fibre present in oranges helps to improve digestion this fibre is not available in orange juice. orange juice doesnot contain fibre as it does not contain the inner fibrous skin of orange. other than fibre all other nutrients of orange are readily available in orange juice orange juice is the best way to refresh yourself and keep your body healthy.

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