Thursday 8 September 2016

3 Benefits of orange for hair by

Mumbai 9 September 2016: 

Oranges the amazingly healthy citrus fruit. Popularly known as santra in India. They are beneficial for us to have healthy skin, hair and general health. Pintooskitchen picks up the top 3 hair benefits

3 Benefits of orange for hair by

Oranges can be used in two ways to take its benefits :
Make them a part of your Diet
Use them as a home remedy for treatment for various problems.
Oranges are great for our hair let's look at how orange is beneficial for our hair.

Natural Hair Conditioner

Orange juice works as a natural hair conditioner for your hair. Orange juice is loaded with nutrients that moisturize and hydrate the hair and provide the hair with the much needed nourishment for staying healthy and strong.

Healthy Hair Growth

Oranges improve blood circulation to the scalp as they are rich in bioflavonoid which helps in promoting healthy hair growth.

Treatment for Dandruff

Orange peels are loaded with vitamin C and bioflavonoids which fight the dandruff causing fungi and help in treating dandruff.

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