Wednesday 15 June 2016

Top 5 Monsoon Health Tips

Top 5 Monsoon Health Tips

Monsoons are finally here, what a relief from this scorching heat. But with all cool weather and happiness that monsoon brings along comes the diseases as well. There are certain health risks that are brought by monsoon from which people needs to be really careful. So here are 5 health tips to follow this monsoon by Pocket News Alert.

Drink Filtered or Boiled water :

Monsoon is the time when there is the highest risk of water borne diseases. So to keep your self safe from these water borne diseases make sure you drink only filtered or boiled water this monsoon.

Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly :

leafy vegetables and fruits play host to many larvae, dust and worms during monsoon. To get rid of them make sure your thoroughly washing the fruits and vegetables before consuming them. For green leafy vegetables you can also soak them in salt water before cooking to kill all germs.

Use insect repellents :

With the offset of monsoon, there is an increase in the number of insects and bugs in the vicinity. Use insect repellents to keep your self away from mosquitoes and other bugs. You can use natural repellents like neem, camphor and cloves also to keep mosquitoes at bay this monsoon. Pocket news alert also tells you how to keep mosquitoes at bay this monsoon.

Avoid Road side food :

One should avoid road side food during monsoons, as you don't know how hygienic it is. As we have earlier seen that offset of monsoon increases the activity of germs and insects, hence its better to avoid road side food during monsoons and enjoy good home cooked foods. Try and Enjoy some delicious recipes from Pintoos Kitchen which has many recipes worth trying this monsoon.

Enjoy a cup of herbal tea :

During monsoon our immunity goes low as the temperature is constantly changing. To increase immunity this monsoon have a cup of herbal tea.

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