Saturday 4 March 2017

Top 10 Glucose rich foods

Glucose rich food

Glucose rich food

We are not going deep in the Organic Chemistry but Glucose is a simple sugar. Having Glucose rich diet is important as it is an important source of energy for our body. The formation of glucose mostly occurs due breakdown of complex sugars and carbohydrates from our food. But you can fulfill the instant requirement of your body by consuming the following important sources of glucose.

1: Honey

It contains Up to 35.8% Glucose and it easily available in markets. Try to have naturally extracted honey instead of artificially processed. It has great taste and amazing nutritional and medicinal value.

2: Dried Fruit (Medjool Dates)

Talking about dry fruits and especially the Medjool Dates we can confirm that they contain Up to 33.7% Glucose. Tasty dry fruits are sources of instant energy the Other Dried Fruits which are high in Glucose: Dried Apricots (43%), Raisins (40%) Pitted Prunes (44%), Figs (34%), and Deglet Dates (29%)

3: Sauces (Barbeque)

Love to have sauces? You should know that Barbeque sauce contains Up to 16.4% Glucose. Some Other Sauces which are high in High in Glucose: Catsup (1.7%), Sriracha (1.5%).

4: Salad Dressings (Low Fat French)

Salad dressings are yummy and are containing Up to 15.7% Glucose. Other Salad Dressings which are High in Fructose: Low Fat Thousand Island (1.4%), Balsamic Vinegar (1.2%), Italian (0.7%).

5: Energy and Cereal Bars

Energy Bars and also the new introduced Cereal Bars are specially manufactured to meet the instant Hunger and energy needs of your body. They contain Up to 11.9% Glucose.

6: Processed Cereals (Kellogg's Raisin Bran)

Kellogg's Raisin Bran contains Up to 10.1% Glucose and some Other cereals which are high in fructose: Lucky Charms (1.7%), Frosted Flakes (0.8%).

7: Grapes

Either Black or green, the ripe grapes are a great source of fructose as they contain Up to 7.2% Glucose. Other fruits which are high in fructose (grams per cup): Cherries (9.1%), Plums (8.4%), Bananas (7.5%), Blueberries (7.2%).

8: Cakes and Pies (Sponge Cake)

You can consider having cakes and pies when you need instant glucose for your body. The very tasty and everyone’s favorite sponge cake contains Up to 5.8% Glucose. One slice of Pecan Pie 133 grams approx contains 7.4% of glucose.

9: Sugary Drinks (Cola)

Cola is great in Glucose as it contains Up to 4.5% Glucose content. Other drinks which are high in fructose : Rockstar Energy Drink (29%), Lemon Lime Soda (Sprite) (21%), Sweet Tea (20%).

10: Fruit Juice (Grape Juice)

The Grape juice is very tasty and contains Up to 6.8% Glucose. Other fruits juices which are high in fructose: Cranberry Cocktail (34%), Orange Juice (34%), Pomegranate Juice (31%), Pineapple Juice (19%), Sweetened Cranberry Juice (19%).

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