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Benefits of Glucose for Hair, Health, Skin

Amazing Benefits of Glucose for Hair, Health and Skin

A common saying goes “excess of everything is bad”, this could not be any truer, if you are talking about substances like sugar and glucose. It is true that if you consume anything in more than necessary amounts, glucose can cause problems like diabetes, however, what is important to note is, absence of sufficient glucose in the body, also leads to several health problems. Glucose deficiency is often the cause of several disorders and imbalances in a human body.

Given below are a few of the most important health benefits of glucose and why you must include it in your diet:

Health Benefits of Glucose

1. Source of Energy

Glucose is nothing but simple carbohydrates, and if you skip carbohydrates from your diet, you will feel low, and lack energy. All the energy bars, and energy drinks are basically rich in glucose.

2. Source of Endurance

This is similar to what has been mentioned already. The greater the energy in your body, the greater will be your endurance, and longer it will take for you to reach exhaustion.

3. Boosts Cognitive Functions

To be able to function properly, your mind needs sufficient amounts of glucose, a lack of the same will lead to learning disabilities and poor memory retention.

4. Helps in Recovering Energy

Glucose does not only help you generate energy, but also helps you recover the lost energy.

5. Helps in Psychological Processes

We do not only need energy for physical activities, but also for psychological processes like breathing, muscle contraction, heartbeat etc. Glucose is an important source of psychological energy.

6. Regulates Body Temperature

The temperature of the body, mainly depends on the glycogen in our muscles, and energy is needed for regulation of temperature as well. In the absence of glucose you will have an unfavorable body temperature, which will make you feel sick. This can be avoided by maintaining appropriate amounts of glucose in the body.

7. Natural Preservatives

Glucose oxidants can act as natural preservatives, it should not be considered as glucose, because it is an enzyme. This enzyme can act as natural anti – bacterial agent, and can be used for preservation of food products.

8. Glucose As Fuel

Lack of glucose in the body can restrict your muscle movements; it acts as a fuel for your muscles to move, in the absence of oxygen in the body.

9. Glucose for Muscle Building

Your intense workout will never be successful if you do not pair it with the necessary amount of glucose. It is not only required during the workout, but also after a workout, to rebuild the muscle.

10. For Optimizing Cretin Absorption

During your body building sessions, muscle building can happen, only if creatine is absorbed by the muscles. Glucose helps in optimizing the creatine absorption by the muscles.

Benefits of Glucose for Skin

Benefits of Glucose for Skin

1. Sugar is Natural Humectants

Sugar is the main source of glucose, and if consumed in sufficient amounts, it acts as natural humectants. This means it can draw moisture from the environment and release it on your skin. This ensures proper hydration of your skin, thus keeping it moisturized always.

2. Source of Glycolic Acid

Sugar can act as glycolic acid, thus glucose derived through sugar intake can be used by the body. Glycolic acid is basically an Alpha Hydraulic Acid (AHA), which goes deep in your skin to break the glue bonding the skin cells. This leads to faster growth of new cells, thus leading to fresher looking skin, this is mostly used for curing skin burns.

3. Can Protect Against Sun Burns

Glycolic acid is supposed to be used in very limited amounts when used externally, i.e. through cosmetic products. Many spas and dermatologists use it for skin and hair benefits, it can also be an active ingredient in sun creams.

4. Sugar as Exfoiliant

Instead of benefiting from glucose, you can also benefit from sugar, in its raw form. Sugar is one of the best natural skin exfoliaters, often recommended by experts. Sugar scrubs are very common, and more effective than salt scrubs. A brown sugar scrub is more advisable than granulated sugar scrub.

Benefits of Glucose for Hair

Benefits of Glucose for Hair

1. Sugar as Hair Scrub

Apart from benefiting your skin, you can use sugar for hair benefits as well. Adding a spoonful of sugar in your shampoo can provide natural ex-foliation to your scalp, allowing your hair to breathe and to maintain greater oxygen levels.

2. Hair Cleanser

Sugar in the shampoo can act as a natural cleanser for your hair along with being used as an Exfoliator. However, make sure you are using it with a moisturizing shampoo, or you might end up making your hair dryer. Although these are home remedies, they should be practiced with the necessary precautions.

3. Healthier hair

When making use of sugar in your shampoo, you not only allow exfoliation, and proper cleaning, but also a better overall health of your hair. Since sugar allows better cleaning of hair, it also allows for greater penetration of oils and conditioners, thus improving the health of your hair.

4. Sugar and Water Hairspray

For adding natural shine to your hair, you can create a mixture of sugar and water, and use it as a Hairspray, however, make sure that the amount of sugar is not too much as it will make your hair sticky. So it is advisable to add more water and less sugar. This will not only save you from the damage of artificial hair sprays but will also be cheaper as well as healthier.

Glucose can be easily obtained naturally using certain whole foods like fruits, dairy products, and vegetables. Glucose powder is also highly beneficial for athletes, as it is rich in nutrients, and helps your body to recover and repair quickly. So let your imagination go out on chase and try these fabulous ways to incorporate this healthier sugar in your life. You will surely love the difference.


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