Friday 10 February 2017

Mustard Seeds/Sarso/Rai Benefits for Hair

Mustard Seeds/Sarso/Rai for shining and strengthening of the hair

Mustard Seeds/Sarso/Rai Benefits for Hair
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1. Lowers Hair Fall

The vitamin A present in mustard oil supports the roots of the hair and thus prevents a possible hair fall quite considerably. Regular use of mustard oil on the scalp prevents hair fall because it acts like a complete health package for the betterment of scalp hair.

2. Strengthens your Hair

Mustard Seeds/Sarso/Rai oil is loaded with protein, calcium, vitamin A and E, Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids which cumulatively support the thickness of hair and strengthen their bonds with the roots of the scalp in a big way.

3. Natural Hair Conditioner

The same fatty acids make it an ideal hair conditioner because they form a layer on the hair. It is an organic way of doing it.

Mustard Seeds/Sarso/Rai has seen many seasons of its existence, now it is a well identified alternative cure for many problems, where synthesized nutrients fail because they are not versatile. Food habits of our world are returning towards innocence and seeds like mustard are preparing these crops of future to support this expedition. Commercially speaking it is a golden crop for the farmers because they can practically use every part of it. Romans used it as a spice for the foods, Indians used it for medicinal values and now it has become an agricultural stock with great returns.

There are many parts of the world where fields wearing the yellow blanket of Mustard Seeds/Sarso/Rai seeds brings good omen and black mustard seeds prevent the evils to make an entry in the house.

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