Tuesday 7 February 2017

Mangosteen/Kokum/Kokam Benefits for Hair

Mangosteen/Kokum/Kokam Benefits for Hair

Mangosteen/Kokum/Kokam Benefits for Hair
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1. Shiny and healthy hair

Kokum oil or Kokum Butter can be used to achieve shiny and healthy hair. Its application provides the necessary elements which are required for healthy growth of hair.

2. Natural hair conditioner

The Butter can be used as a natural hair conditioner. Have some amount of it in your hands and apply it gently after the final rinse. Just apply a little kokum butter between your fingers and spread it on your hair after shampooing and final rinse to get softer and more manageable hair.

3. Strengthens hair from the roots

Have a head massage with Kokum oil in strengthening the hair from the roots and prevents hair breakage. Its application on daily basis provides softer and manageable hair.
Kokum is a tasty fruit and easily available in Indian markets. You can try fresh juice of kokum to achieve the above-mentioned health benefits or try an application of kokum oil for young skin and healthy hair.

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