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Capers/Kabra/Kachra Benefits for Health, Skin, Hair

Capers/Kabra/Kachra Benefits for Health, Skin, Hair

Capers/Kabra/Kachra Benefits for Health, Skin, Hair
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Known for its spicy, tangy and exotic, capers are a common ingredient of add a famous Italian cuisines. Capers has many local names too as it commonly called as ‘Kokilakshamu’ in Telugu, ‘Barar’ in Punjabi, ‘Mullukattari’ in Kannada, ‘Kabur’ in Marathi, and ‘Kabra’ in Hindi.

You can add different flavor to your food are simply by seasoning or garnishing it. This tiny little ingredient is not only tasty but also has several properties which are good for health. It has a scientific name too i.e. Capparis spinosa. In Mediterranean countries it is also famous as Flinders rose. In Indian diet they are mostly consumed as pickles as Indians love its tangy lemony flavor.

Capers are loaded with nutrients, a 100 grams serving of capers contain 5 gram carbohydrate, 0.4 gram sugar, 3 grams dietary fiber, 0.9 gram fat, 2 gram protein, 4 mg vitamin C, 138 IU vitamin A, 24.6 mg vitamin K, 0.88mg vitamin E, 0.652 mg niacin, 0.139 mg riboflavin,1.7 mg iron, 2960 mg sodium, 40 mg potassium, and 96 KJ energies. All these Nutrients are beneficial for our health. Let’s look at the health benefits of Capers.

Capers/Kabra/Kachra Benefits for Health

1. Antioxidant Properties

Capers or Kabra are the best sources of flavonoid compounds especially rutin and quercetin. These compounds are considered as important sources of antioxidants. Antioxidants fight against the free radicals which are the main cause of various cancers and skin diseases. These antioxidants are necessary for healthy functioning of the body. It has been noticed that Rutin helps with the blood circulation of blood whereas quercetin has anti- inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-carcinogenic and analgesic properties.

2. Rheumatism Relief

In ancient Greece Capers are highly recommended as a cure for rheumatic pain.

3. Relieves Flatulence

Cavers can be eaten for improving appetite. Its consumption is recommended for the healthy stomach as it relieves ache and flatulence.

4. Anti-Diabetic

Capers consumption is healthy even if you are a diabetic. It will further help to control this disease as it contains several chemicals that control blood sugar.

Precaution: Avoid consuming capers in high amounts if you are prescribed with diabetes medicine. The combination of both can result in lower blood sugar.

5. Immunity Booster

These tiny green buds contain vitamin A and Vitamin K in an ample amount. Both these vitamins support the human immune system against various types of disease. Additionally, they prevent various types of infections and keep the bones strong and healthy.

6. Source of Important Minerals

Capers are rich in minerals and are an important source of copper iron, calcium, and sodium. We know calcium is necessary for teeth and bones. Copper leads to production of several enzymes which are important catalyst for proper functioning of body. And Iron is necessary for RBC’s in the human blood.

7. Contains Vitamins

Necessary vitamins such as vitamin K, vitamin A, riboflavin, and niacin are present in these tiny juicy Capers in an ample amount. Vitamin A is healthy for your eyesight and cures night blindness. This vitamin also works to reduce the risk of some cancers and also helps the body fight off infection and boosts the immune system. In the prevention of blood clot, vitamin K plays an important role. Niacin is important for a healthy cardiovascular system and also supports cognitive functions. The Riboflavin present in capers, also known as vitamin B2, helps the body to convert food into energy. It supports the body’s adrenal function and helps to maintain a healthy nervous system.

8. Contains Fiber

Capers are good sources of fiber too. Fiber is essential in your diet as it reduces constipation. Its daily consumption fulfills the minimum recommended fiber intake, as a single tablespoon provides 3 percent of the recommended daily fiber intake.

9. Bad Enzyme Buster

It is recommended for non-vegetarians because their diet includes fat and red meat and it is essential to destroy certain byproducts found in meat and foods which can be harmful for human body. Several types of cancers and cardiovascular disease are the result of such byproducts only.

10. Meets the sodium requirement of the body

Cappers are usually stored in salt/salt water and hence are full of sodium content. To meet the daily needs of sodium of the body you should try them as a healthy option. Try to avoid the overconsumption as the excess of sodium may lead to high blood pressure and other heart problems.

11. Congestion Relief

Capers are not only a tasty food item as it has other health benefits too. If you are often suffering from congestion and surviving with chest pain then capers will help you definitely as it works to reduce phlegm.

12. Protects DNA

According to Science Daily, the damage to the genetic material or the DNA present in our body can be avoided by having fresh capers while consuming grilled meat. Many nonvegetarians love to have grilled meat but there are certain compounds present in it which are not healthy for the heart and can also affect DNA. So the next time try to add fresh capers to avoid such problems.

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