Friday 22 July 2016

Lemon a gift of nature having lots of benefits

Mumbai 22 July 2016: Lemon is a popular citrus fruit which is used for Cooking purposes and many other uses. Lemons are rich in vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, vitamin C,  magnesium, folic acid calcium and flavonoids making them great for healthy hair, skin and body. Lemons are also loaded with antioxidants. Lemon juice promotes shiny, smooth and dandruff free hair. When Lemon juice is applied on the scalp it stimulates circulation and prevents the hair loss.You must not use lemon juice in excess though as it can lighten your hair color over time.

Leomon is called as Nimbu in Hindi, Nimmakaaya in Telugu, Elumichai pazham in Tamil, Cherunaranga in Malayalam, Nimbe in Kannada, Limbu in Gujarati, Lebu in Bengali, Kagadi Limbu in Marathi and Nimbha in Punjabi.

Lemons a gift of nature. Lemon are available in supermarket all the year round Lemon peak season comes at the perfect time of year, in winter. During marination Lemon juice plays one of the significant role in cooking. With Lemon you can make flavored ice cubes to jazz up your glass of water, cocktail or iced tea. Freeze lemon juice in an ice tray with your favorite fruit and herb combination.

Lemon a gift of nature having lots of benefits

Lemon has a lots of advantage. Lemon is an acidic substance since of being acidic it can lessen the cohesion of oil particles by breaking their bond strength that means the Oil which is stuck on your hands comes easily as the lemon juice weakens its stickiness property and Secondly lemon juice is an anti bacterial and a good germicidal solution which helps in removing the unseen bacteria on our hands. In Restaurant Hot water is served with lemon as it helps in removing the oil. When the temperature increases the oil density decreases and it floats on the water and this helps in removing the oil.

Lemon has Vitamin C as it is well known for protecting you from infection to heal wounds and cuts. It may also keep skin smooth, improve heart health and even help reduce the chances of risk specially cancer and stroke. Lemon has an alkalizing effect on our bodies and this helps to prevent pathogens from surviving.

Lemon adds a fresh aroma it keeps your home with positive energy so fresh and clean. The reason to keep a few lemon pieces on your bedside in the bedroom.  Its a beautiful treatment for people suffering from depression, anxiety, mood swings and for those who find difficult to fall asleep.
Lemon improves ones breathing, for those who suffering from cold, flu or asthma.

Not only this, Lemon the citrus fruit is beneficial for our health in many other ways. Some of the benefits of lemon are as follows:

1) Lemon juice is important for your health to remain hydrated. it is widely used for the treatment of skin problems starting from lightening dark spots to curing acne and getting rid of dandruff. Lemon Juice promotes digestion its acts as a natural blood cleanser and blood purifier since lemon juice helps in purifying the blood and thus it also helps in treating cholera and malaria. We consume a lot of junk food or food with a lot of preservatives and artificial flavours. This builds in toxins in the blood and body but daily consumption of lemon water helps to purify the blood.  Lemon eases stomach aches and helps your body break down your food and this is the reason it helps you in digestion. Lemon juice is also an excellent detox drink.

2) By applying lemon slices on the affected areas you can also get rid of dark elbows and knees.

3) Regular consumption of lemon in the form of lemonade or juice will helps you to get rid of toxins and kidney stones from our body in no time.

4) Lemon is useful in the treatment of rheumatism and arthritis: Lemon is a diuretic it assist you in the production of urine which helps you to reduce inflammation by flushing out toxins, bacteria while also giving you relief from arthritis and rheumatism.

5) Lemon being rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants will help in delaying the symptoms of aging

6) You can use lemon juice to strengthen your nails and treat toothaches.

7) Lemon can freshen the Fridge: Lemon can remove refrigerator odors with ease. Dab lemon juice on a cotton ball and leave it in the fridge for several hours. Make sure tothrow away any stinky items that might be causing the bad smell.

8) Lemon Water clears up blemishes: Water by itself make your kidneys, liver, and other organs make their jobs to do well. The kidneys and liver flush out toxins naturally and the more effectively they work the better off your skin will be. Vitamin C is as an antioxidant to keep your skin young and radiant. By Having enough vitamin C can ensure that the skin will stay healthy and fresh. A chemical in the urine that prevents the formation of crystals that may build up into kidney stones.

9)  Lemon water will boosts your immune system: According to weight your immune cells are about 70% vitamin C. When you're sick vitamin C gets depleted quickly. Even when you are healthy it is very important to get adequate amounts of vitamin C. Vitamin C is known to be one of the most important vitamins that the body needs. Vitamin C can help you to fight against colds.

10) Lemon water will help you to lose weight: Drinking lemon water will boosts your metabolism and improves your digestion. It can also help to curb hunger, which is good for your weight loss.

11) Lemon can help you to get rid of excessive drinking like queasiness, dizziness and muscle pain. Lemon helps you to rebalance the body by controlling the blood sugar level and altering the pH level of your body.

12) Lemon is good for Mental Health: Lemon water can also make your mood better and relieve you from depression and stress. During tiredness a lemon  is a quick acting medicine it is giving almost unbelievable refreshments.

13) Lemon water can even freshens your breath: It is especially effective if you smoke cigarettes smoking is dangerous so its better not to smoke cigarettes, quit.

14)  Lemon water can boosts your brain power: Lemon water contains potassium. Low levels of potassium  means to depression, anxiety, forgetfulness and brain fog.

15) Lemon water will keep your lungs healthier: If you have asthma, infections, or any other lung diseases plague you, lemon water can help to fix these problems. It is a helpful for sick lungs.

16) Lemon help in controlling High Blood Pressure: Lemon contains potassium which controls high blood pressure and reduces the effect of nausea and dizziness and having enough potassium can help you stay strong and healthy.

17) Lemon can prevent Cauliflower from turning brown: Even with slightest cooking Cauliflower tend to turn brown. You make sure that the Cauliflower vegetable stay white by squeezing a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice on them before heating.

18) Lemon water can reduce phlegm; and can also help you breathe properly and aids a person suffering with asthma.

19) Lemon can help to soothe a sore throat: People get sore throats because of shouting or talking too much or it can also be because of bacteria that can be found inside the body. Lemon juice is very good and effective to get rid of the discomfort brought about by the sore throat. Lemon water can fight throat infections because of its antibacterial property. If salt water does not work for you, try lime and water for gargling.

20) Lemon can help to prevent the onset of Cancer: The intake of lemon juice every day can help prevent the onset of Cancer because of citrus liminoids. Prevention is always better than cure.

21) Lemon can help to stop Itching: Scratching nonstop it is bad for your skin and what you can do instead is to place lemon juice on the affected area. It will soothe itching and alleviate the rash.

22) Lemon can help you to bring down the temperature from fever: Times when people had to wait for their temperature to go down simply because there was no other way but to wait. To make your thing easier drinking lemon juice can help make things faster and better.

23) Lemon can be used to fight mouth problems: Lemon juiced can be used as an oral antiseptic too. If you have bleeding gums or other problems with your teeth you can simply mix in lemon juice with a bit of water and swish it around your mouth so that you can get relief from it.

24) Lemon can refresh your cutting boards: You all know your kitchen cutting board smells After all you the whole day you use it to chop onions, crush garlic, and prepare fish and many other things to get rid of the smell and help sanitize the cutting board, rub lemon all over the board or wash it in
undiluted juice straight from the bottle.

25) Lemon keep Insects out from your kitchen: You dont need any insecticides, ant traps, antproof for your kitchen. you must give a lemon treatment. You need to squirt lemon juice on door thresholds and windowsills. Then squeeze lemon juice into any holes or cracks from where the ants are getting in.  Finally, scatter small slices of lemon peel around the outdoor entrance. Lemons are also effective against roaches and fleas: Simply mix the juice of 4 lemons (along with the rinds) with 1/2 gallon with 2 liters of water and wash your floors with it, They hate the smell.

26) With Lemon you can wash your fruits and vegetables: You dont know what kind of pesticides or dirt are there on the skin of the fruits and vegetables that you eat. Slice the lemon and squeeze out one tablespoon of lemon juice into your spray bottle. The lemon juice wil act as a natural disinfectant and
will leave your fruits and vegetables smelling nice too.

27) Deodorize Your Garbage with lemon: Easy way to deodorize your garbage if your garbage is smelling yuck. here is an easy way to deodorize it: Save leftover lemon and orange peels and keep them at the base under the bag. To keep it smelling fresh you can repeat once every couple of weeks.

28) Keep Guacamole Green with lemon:  Sprinkle a fresh lemon juice over it and it will stay fresh and green. Just squeeze some lemon juice onto the apple slices, and they will stay snowy white. this is a simple and easy way to keep guacamole green and delicious.

29)  Lemon keep you nail clean and Whiten: Pamper your hands without a manicurist here is the one add the juice of 1/2 lemon to 1 cup warm water and soak your fingertips in the mixture for atleast 5 minutes. After pushing back the cuticles you can rub some lemon peel back and forth against the nail.

30) Lemon can cleanse your face: Dabbing lemon juice on blackheads to get rid of them. You can also wash your face with lemon juice for a natural cleanse and exfoliation. Your skin will improve after many days of treatment. Lemon water is also a cooling agent and a best way to beat the heat.

31) Vaginal Hygiene: Diluted lemon juice makes a safe method of vaginal hygiene. Though it is a powerful antiseptic it is nevertheless free from irritating drugs in douches and suppositories.

32)  Disinfect Cuts and Scrapes with lemon: By pouring few drop of lemon juice will help to Stop bleeding, disinfect minor cuts and scraps put it directly on the cut. You can also apply the juice with a cotton ball and place it for one minute.

33)  Lemon helps in Removing Warts: Lemon juice is one option for removing wart. The acidity of lemon juice breaks down warts gradually an usually disappear within a few weeks.

With so many benefits lemons is a  best in term of food and everything else.

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