Saturday 5 October 2013

How to make chapatis...

To start of my blog, I would like to start with the most basic need of all indian meals that is Chapati. To make chapatis all we need is wheat flour, water, salt and oil.

Instructions :

  • Take 2 cups of wheat flour and add a pinch of salt to it in a vessel and knead it thoroughly till its smooth and just the correct softness, keep adding water and oil little by little while kneading the dough.
  • Once dough is smooth and soft divide it into equal portions and make medium round balls out of it by rolling it between your palms until the balls are smooth.
  • Take a little flour in a plate n keep it aside. Now take the dough balls one by one and cover it with flour and keep it ready to roll on a flat table with a rolling pin.

  • With the help of the rolling pin roll out the dough in to circular chapatis and while doing this keep sprinkling little flour on it to avoid the dough from sticking to the rolling pin.
  • Make sure you dont roll out the chapati very thin or it will not puff while roasting If you find rolling out chapatis tideous one can also make use of the chapati making machine to ease your work.

  •  Once the chapatis are rolled out keep it in a plate and heat a pan on medium flame to roast the chapatis.

  • Once the pan is heated keep the rolled out chapatis on the pan for roasting.once one side is roasted flip the chapati to roast the other side.

  • When you see the chapati puff press the edges with a cloth which will help it to be cooked from inside. after a few seconds the chapati is ready to be served.
 For the softest chapatis we would recommend using Ashirwad Wheat Flour. So go ahead and roast your chapatis and enjoy them.