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White Pepper/Safed Mirch Powder Benefits for Health, Hair and Skin

White Pepper/Safed Mirch Powder Benefits for Health, Hair and Skin

White Pepper/Safed Mirch Powder Benefits for Health, Hair and Skin

11. Improves Eyesight

White Pepper is one of the best remedy to improve eyesight naturally. It works wonders when consumed with aniseeds, almond powder, and sugar crystals.

12. Treats Cataract

This might surprise you, but White Pepper is also highly effective in treating eye conditions like cataract and has proven effective in treating the problem completely. Just mix some white pepper with almonds in a 1:5 ratio and then add some brown sugar and ghee to it. Consuming this mixture will help to treat cataract..

13. Prevents Stomach Ulcers

White pepper can also be used to prevent stomach ulcer due to its ability to kill the ulcer causing bacterias in the stomach as well as the intestines. It also helps in getting rid of stomach aches.

14. Treats Malaria

Mix half teaspoon of white pepper and coffee with a cup of hot water. You can also add sugar to it for taste. Drink this twice a day regularly and you will soon notice the difference.

15. Boost Stamina

Mix White Pepper with soft boiled egg, and eat it quite often to boost your stamina as well as energy level.

16. Arthritis Aid

White pepper contains capsaicin which has anti-inflammatory properties. This property makes it, extremely beneficial for all those who suffer from arthritis and muscular swelling and pain.

17. Cancer Cure

As per research, Capsaicin compound found in white pepper is known to be very effective in killing some of the cancerous cells. These compounds have been found to be beneficial in the cure of prostate cancer.

18. Antioxidant Properties

White pepper is loaded with flavonoids and vitamins which make it an amazing anti-oxidant. These antioxidant properties of white pepper make it a potential fighter against free radicals which harm the cells in the body.

19. Blood Sugar Control

White pepper is known to boost the metabolism of the body and also works to improve digestion process, and also helps in lowering the blood sugar. To manage your blood sugar you can mix white pepper with fenugreek seeds powder and turmeric, when this mixture is consumed with a glass of milk daily, can work to bring down the sugar levels. It is helpful for most of the diabetics.

20. Mineral Source

White pepper is loaded with flavonoids, and Vitamins A, K, and C. This pepper also has a large quantity of manganese, iron, and dietary fibers. These nutrients ensure a healthy supply of minerals to the body.

21. Prevents Flatulence

For ages, white pepper have been known to have carminative properties, which prevents the formation of gas in the intestines.White pepper works to boost the secretion of hydrochloric acid and assists in improving digestion.

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