Sunday 12 February 2017

Muskmelon/ Cantaloupe/Kharbooja Benefits for Hair

Muskmelon/ Cantaloupe/Kharbooja Benefits for  Hair

Muskmelon/ Cantaloupe/Kharbooja Benefits for  Hair

1. Promotes Hair Growth

Muskmelons are the richest source of essential minerals and vital nutrients. These nutrients and minerals help in maintaining the health of scalp and promote the growth of hair.

2. Prevent Hair Loss

Muskmelons contain sufficient amount of inositol which is a form of Vitamin B. Inositol is essential to prevent hair loss and also promote healthy hair growth. Thus regular consumption of Muskmelons can prevent hair fall and stimulate hair growth.

3. Perfect Conditioner

The fruit pulp of muskmelons can be tried as natural hair conditioner for achieving shiny, smooth and silky hair. Just mash a cup of pulp by suitable means and apply it with an easy massage on your scalp soon after shampooing. You can wash off after 15 to 20 minutes to get fantastic results.
Seasonal fruits are the best remedy to the problems related to that specific interval of time.

Muskmelons are one of such seasonal fruits with a number of health, hair and skin benefits. The fruit has an amazing taste and contains some incredible medicinal properties too. This summer you should not miss the chance of having fresh Muskmelons

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