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Licorice/Liquorice/Glycyrrhiza Glabra Benefits for skin

Licorice/Liquorice/Glycyrrhiza Glabra Benefits for skin

Licorice/Liquorice/Glycyrrhiza Glabra Benefits for skin

1. Enhances skin glow

A number of branded serums include Licorice root extracts. This herb is effective on all skin types. The best part is that unlike other cosmetics it leaves the skin unharmed. Make sure you are not allergic to it. Consult an expert before buying a cosmetic product that contains Licorice root extract. Licorice works amazingly to improve the glow of your face. You can easily make a homemade face mask by mixing some turmeric and fuller’s earth with licorice tea and apply this pack on your skin and let it dry. Once it dries wash your face clean with water. If you have dry skin you can add some coconut oil or almond oil to this mask to hydrate your skin.

2. Treats hyper-pigmentation

The brightening action of Licorice makes it a natural bleaching element and makes the skin smooth. Its extract is used in various cleansers and spot treatments. Additionally, the herb is also effective in treating sun damage and fading hyper- pigmentation for all skin tones.

3. Aids dehydrated skin

Licorice reduces melanin production, which further prevents hyper-pigmentation formation. The herb makes the skin clearer, hydrated, and brighter. The extracts of sweet root are potential enough for acne-prone and red skin. It is also effective in treating dull complexions.

4. Works as a sunscreen

Licorice works as a sunscreen. The root shields the skin from UVB/ UVA rays and maintains freshness and brightness. In addition, the herb is highly effective in treating multiple dangerous skin diseases including eczema.

5. Moisturizes skin

The herb brightens skin appearance. When used in combination with Gigawhite it brightens the look of the skin and enhances its glow. The combination of Gigawhite and Licorice root can be found in a variety of cosmetics, such as skin moisturizers, skin cleansers etc.

6. Fades Blemishes

Using licorice in your beauty regime daily helps to get rid of blemishes and dark spots from the skin. Drinking Licorice tea also helps to keep the skin hydrated and moisturized from within. To hydrate the skin you can also apply licorice tea after its cool. Let the tea sit on your skin for some time and then rinse it off using normal water to get a soft and supple skin.

7. Heals Different Skin Conditions

For ages cool licorice tea has been used as a home remedy to treat a number of skin problems. Skin problems like eczema, psoriasis, dry skin and skin rashes can easily be treated by using licorice tea. This tea contains antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and demulcent properties which help in treating many skin conditions like redness and inflammation. The hydrating properties of this tea prevents the skin from getting dry while trapping its moisture. 

8. Antioxidant Properties

Licorice extract is rich in antioxidants that help the skin to fight free radicals. It also contains licochalcone which is known to help in regulating oil formation on the skin. Licorice is mostly used in many skin care products like body creams, body cleansers and facial skin care products to treat different skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and rosacea.

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