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Jaggery/Gur Benefits for Health, Skin, Hair

Jaggery/Gur Benefits for Health, Skin, Hair

Jaggery/Gur Benefits for Health, Skin, Hair

13. Regulates Liver Function

Jaggery leads to better functioning of the liver and leads to better removal of harmful toxins and impurities. It also prevents several urinary diseases caused due to improper functioning of the liver.

14. Sperm Quality And Production

Ayurveda recommends having jaggery by mixing it with amla powder. This natural medicine helps in the improvement of the quality of sperm and boosting of sperm production. This will also cure the weakness faced by the body usually.

15.  Activates Body Metabolism

Jaggery is an important source of potassium requirements of the human body. This important mineral helps in the balancing of electrolytes, building up of muscles and also important for improving the metabolism in the body. When the body’s metabolic rate increases your body burns more fat, which makes jaggery effective for losing weight.

16.  A Detoxifying Agent

Jaggery is one of the best natural detoxifying agents for the human body. It efficiently cleanses intestines, stomach, respiratory tract, lungs and food pipe. It helps in the removal of the toxins and impurities from the body and keeps many diseases at bay.

17. Regulates Blood Pressure

Jaggery is an important source of potassium and sodium, which are very important for maintenance of acid levels and regulation of blood pressure in the human body.

18. Good for Healthy Nervous System

Jaggery is healthy for your nervous system too. For maintaining a healthy nervous system you must start eating jaggery as a daily tonic for your body to keep many nervous system problems at bay.

19.  Prevents Respiratory Problems

You can prevent many serious respiratory problems like asthma, bronchitis, etc simply by consuming jaggery with sesame. It also leads to other benefits for healthy working of the human respiratory system.

20. Reduces Retention Of Water

One of the major obstacles in your weight loss journey can be Water retention by your body. Jaggery is a rich source of potassium, which helps in the reduction of water retention and helps with managing your weight.

21. Boosts Intestinal Health

We know that Jaggery has many wonderful benefits for the digestive system. The high magnesium content of jaggery boosts the intestinal strength. Did you know that every 10 grams of jaggery has 16mg of magnesium, which is almost 4 percent of the daily requirement of this mineral for the body.

22. Provides Antioxidants

Jaggery is loaded with antioxidants, selenium is one of them which helps in fighting free radicals. By fighting free radicals it keeps many diseases away and also delays the signs of aging.

23. Reduces PMS 

Daily consuming a small piece of jaggery can help in lowering PMS. Fluctuating hormone levels are the root cause of this problem, and jaggery is known to help in reducing it. Jaggery works to stimulate the release of endorphins, which helps to relax your body and change your mood.

24. Boosts Immunity

Jaggery is loaded with various minerals, antioxidants, and other nutrients, which makes it an amazing food to boost the immunity of the body. When your immune system is healthy, it works to prevent various infections, ailments, and diseases. Jaggery also has a high content of zinc and selenium that fight against free radicals and reduce oxidative stress.

25. Treats Chronic Cough 

For ages jaggery has been used to treat many respiratory system disorders. It is very beneficial in treating a chronic cough. It is known to smoothen and soothe the soft tissues of the throat, thus reducing throat irritation. It is also known to make the lungs warm and dilate the respiratory tract.

26. Helps With Urinary Problems 

Jaggery is known to possess natural diuretic properties which helps in stimulating urination. Jaggery is also known to lower inflammation of the bladder. If you are suffering from urinary problems then you should have a glass of hot milk with jaggery it will help in improving the urine flow and also treat urinary problems.

27. Treats Hiccups 

If you can’t stop your hiccups, give jaggery a try. To get rid of hiccups you just need to mix some jaggery with dried ginger powder and consume it along with a glass of warm water to get instant relief. The proportions need to be 3 grams of jaggery with 500mg of ginger powder.

28. Cools The Stomach 

Jaggery is known to maintain a normal body temperature. This property of jaggery also helps in keeping your stomach cool. Eating a medium-sized piece of jaggery daily can help keep your stomach cool.

29. Boosts Iron Absorption 

Jaggery is a rich source of iron, Consuming it with other foods rich in Vitamin C helps to boost the absorption of iron in the body. To improve absorption of iron you should pair it with foods like citrus fruits, amla, guavas, etc.

30. Natural Sweetening Agent

For ages Jaggery has been used as a sweetening agent. It has a distinct flavor and aroma. It is an amazing substitute for sugar as sugar would just give you sweetness, while jaggery gives you sweetness along with a wonderful flavor and aroma.

31. Warming Effect

Jaggery has a high content of carbohydrates which are not easily digested and provide warmth to the body. During winters in many countries sweets and special foods containing jaggery are made to ensure a little warmth for the body. Date palm jaggery is known to provide the maximum warmth to the body.

32. Prevents Asthma

Black jaggery is a type of jaggery that has properties that helps to maintain the normal body temperature. It is also known to have anti-allergic characteristics which makes it an essential for asthma patients.

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