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Black Salt/Kala Namak Benefits for Health,Skin,Hair

 Black Salt/Kala Namak- It’s Good For Your Health

Black Salt/Kala Namak Benefits for Health,Skin,Hair

Black salt/Kala Namak also known as Black Hawaiian Salt, is not just a natural salt, but it is definitely one of the most healthy salts available for use today. Black salt is not just different in its appearance, but it is also unique because of its taste and rich mineral content. Not many people know this, but black salt gets its unique appearance due to its premium activated charcoal shell, also known as activated carbon, which is an antioxidant potent to provide various health benefits. The frequent use of black salt also promises overall wellness. For ages black salt has been used as a condiment in numerous indian recipes. Other than giving the food a distinct flavor it is also popular for the numerous health benefits it offers.

Black Salt are commonly known as Kala Namak in hindi, In Gujrati they call it sanchal, in Malayalam they call it Karutha uppu, In Urdu it is called as  کالا نمک; in Bengali they call it Biit lobon, in Nepali they know it as Birae Nun and in it is known as Marathi kālā namak.

We all have been using table salt in our daily diet, even after knowing the various ill effects it has on our health, like rise in blood pressure, thyroid, paralysis, impotency etc. All these problems can be avoided by replacing the table salt with black salt which tastes some what similar and is much healthier.

Below we are listing some of the amazing health benefits of Black salt and Reasons why you must include Black salt in your regular diet:

Health Benefits of Black Salt/Kala Namak

1. Treats Constipation and Bloating

It is one of the problems that troubles many. However, one can easily get rid of the problem of constipation and bloating with the help of black salt. Just take a glass of lukewarm water and add a tablespoon of black salt and lemon juice. Mix well and drink this mixture twice a day for the effective results. For the same reason black salt is an important ingredient in many churnas.

2. Maintains Blood Sugar level/Diabetes

Black salt is great for all those people suffering from diabetes due to its ability to control blood sugar level in the body. Replacing your table salt with black salt will help you to keep diabetes at bay.

3. Helps in Weight Loss

As black salt gets quickly dissolve and has disintegrating effects on the lipids and enzymes. This property of black salt helps you to lose weight and is part of many ayurvedic weight loss products. It is one of the best salt to consume to shed those extra pounds. 

4. Useful for Babies

Quite a few people know this fact that black salt is highly beneficial for babies as it helps in treating health conditions like indigestion and phlegm coagulation. Mothers can add some black salt in their baby's diet to avoid their babies from having digestive and gastric problems.

5. Treats Osteoporosis

This might surprise you but, certain part of the salt you consume gets stored in the bones. Osteoporosis is a condition in which our body starts taking sodium from our bones and makes them weak. So, in order to strengthen your bones you must use black salt, which is healthy and rich in calcium and sodium.

6. Maintains Cholesterol Levels

You must consume black salt, which maintains the cholesterol level in the body by thinning the blood, which allows for proper circulation and help you improve your heart conditions and makes it healthy naturally.

7. Aids Heartburn

Black salt prevents the formation of acid in the stomach as it is alkaline in nature, which in turn protects the body from getting heartburn. It also helps in keeping inflammation away.

8. Provide relief from Muscle Spasms and Cramps

Rich in potassium, Black salt is highly effective in providing relief from muscle spasms and menstrual cramps. So replace your salt with black salt to bid bye to your cramps and pain.

9. Treats Intestinal Gas Problems

Black salt works wonder when it comes to providing relief from intestinal gas problems. It is also the best remedy for treating acid reflux. To get relief from intestinal gas just roast some black salt in a copper vessel on low heat. Once the color starts changing remove it from the heat and add some of this salt to a glass of water. Have this solution to get instant relief from intestinal gas.

10. Alleviates Respiratory Troubles

If blocked nose and sore throat often troubles you, then black salt is all you need to treat the problem naturally. It also helps you treat many health problems like asthma, bronchitis, common cold, sinus and allergies. Not only this, it also helps you keep all your respiratory problems at bay. Add some black salt to a inhaler and inhale it twice a day.

11. Treats Depression and Anxiety

Not many people know this, but consuming black salt promotes the production of hormones like serotonin and melatonin. It also improves your sleeping ability.

12. Act as a Great Laxative

Black salt is a great laxative which can be used to treat constipation as well as infrequent bowel movements. You can also create a laxative at home by making a mixture of black salt, lemon juice and ginger.

13. Cures Joint Disorders

Black salt is not just good for your stomach but is a great remedy for your joints too. So next time you get stiff muscles and joint pain, don’t forget to try black salt remedy. To get relief from joint pain you just need to put a cup of black salt in a cloth and make a poultice. Now Dry heat this poultice in a pan, making sure it doesn’t burn. When the poultice is hot enough to touch, Gently press this bag over the affected joints to get relief from the pain.

14. Ayurvedic Properties

Rich in therapeutic properties, black salt is great for your overall health and has been a part of Ayurvedic medicine for years too. The best thing about black salt is that it helps you maintain the needed sodium content in the body.

15. Fights Free Radicals

As black salt is rich in antioxidant, it is beneficial for both your health and skin. It also helps you fight free radicals and optimize your health naturally.

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