Saturday 28 January 2017

Celery (Ajmoda) benefits for Hair

Benefits of Celery (Ajmoda) for Hair

Celery also has great positive effects on your hair. Some are listed below: 

Celery (Ajmoda) benefits for Hair

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1. Helps in making your hair thick

The wide range of nutrients in celery or ajmoda stalks and leaves help nourish the hair follicles. Celery leaves also used in shampoos to thicken hair. Thus, this green vegetable is beneficial to the hair and also helps against various scalp problems.

2. Gives lushness to Hair

Celery or ajmoda acts as a nutritious hair fertilizer that provides lushness to the hair. To get lush hair, wash and grind 10-15 celery stalks and apply regularly. After shampooing, apply this paste of celery stalks on your scalp and hair, and massage well. Then cover your head with a towel and let this paste sit in your hair for half an hour. Now rinse your hair.

3. Hair growth

Celery/Ajmoda has some proven benefits on hair growth. If you feel you are balding, you can just start using celery and you will see incredible effects.

Hence we can see that celery not only has great effects on health but also improves skin and hair greatly so you must definitely have it as a part of your regular diet.

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