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Best Benefits Of Oats For Skin, Hair, And Health

Amazing Benefits of Oats for Health, Skin and Hair

Best Benefits Of Oats For Skin, Hair, And Health

I am sure all of you would agree with the fact that a big bowl of Oats is a perfect way to kick start your day due to its immense health benefits and ability to give you stable energy throughout the day. But that’s not all, Oats, Oat bran and Oatmeal’s contain one specific type of fiber, known as beta-glucan, which is tested and proven in lowering cholesterol levels and help you get a healthy heart. Highly nutritious, low in sugar and organic, Oats is definitely one of the best food that you should definitely include in your daily diet. Oats are Scientifically known as “Avena Sativa”. They are called “Jaei” in Hindi, Javi in punjabi and Joi in Bengali. It’s known as oats itself in marathi tamil and telugu.

Below we are listing some of the amazing benefits of Oats for Hair, Health as well as Skin:

Health Benefits of Oats

1. Aids Digestion- 
Rolled Oats contain insoluble fiber and are considered as one of the best food that aid healthy digestion. It is also highly beneficial for people suffering from Gastroesophageal reflux (GERD), as it is low in fat and helps to cure GERD Symptoms like heartburn and inflammation.

2. Prevent Cancer- 
Being a rich source of phytochemicals, the Oats are highly nutritious and highly effective in preventing the risk of getting cancer, mainly breast cancer. Research has shown that dietary fiber works to control the circulation of estrogens in females, and reduces the risk of breast cancer.

3. Controls Blood Sugar level- 
Rich in soluble fibers like beta-glucan which transforms into a gel during the digestion process and increases the viscosity of food. Oats works wonder for all those people who are overweight or are suffering from Type 2 diabetes. It also improves insulin sensitivity in the body and increases the absorption of glucose into the blood.

4. Helps to lose weight- 
Oats are low in calories and are considered as one of the best food to lose weight. The soluble fiber content present in rolled oats works to slow down the digestion and prolongs the absorption of nutrients. It also increases the feeling of fullness and help you control untimely cravings.

5. Balances Blood Pressure- 
Not many people know this, but whole oats are rich in antioxidants and a very unique group of antioxidants, Avenanthramides, which lower the blood pressure level by increasing the production of nitric oxide.

6. Reduces Cholesterol- 
Oats contain beta-glucan fiber, which traps the substances that cause a rise in blood cholesterol levels, that reduces both total and LDL Cholesterol and balances the cholesterol level in the body.

7. Boosts Metabolism- 
Rolled Oats contain many essential minerals and vitamins such as thiamine and Vitamin E, which controls bacterial infection in the body as well as facilitate good general health and longevity.

8. Smooth Bowel Movements- 
Many studies and research has revealed that the fiber rich outer layer of Oat bran helps in treating infrequent bowel movements and relieve constipation. Oats are loaded with soluble as well as insoluble fiber. Insoluble fiber doesn’t dissolve in water and makes the stool heavier and increases the pace of their passage through the gut, thus helping to relieve constipation.

9. Reduce the risk of Childhood Asthma- 
Solid foods like oats are very beneficial in treating problems like coughing, shortness of breath and wheezing. It also prevents asthma in infants, if fed to infants.

10. Promotes healthy gut bacteria- 
Beta-glucan in Oats increases the growth of good bacterias in the digestive tracts, thus promotes healthy gut bacteria.

11. Athletic Performance
Rolled oats are loaded with carbohydrates which give the body the calories to meet the energy needs of the body. Research has shown that rolled oats alter the metabolism process in a good way. Eating a bowl of rolled oats 45 minutes to an hour before exercise provides extra energy.

Benefits of Oats for Skin

1. Treats Acne- 
For ages cooked oatmeal has been used as a home remedy for treating acne. To get rid of acne just take some Oatmeal and boil it till it becomes soft and allow it to cool. Apply this cooked oatmeal on the affected area and wash it off after 10 minutes. Follow this remedy twice a week to get rid of acne naturally.

2. Prevent Skin Dryness- 
Oats contain polysaccharides, which is highly effective in treating, dull, lifeless and flaky skin. It is also the best remedy to treat rashes, scaly and dry skin. To prevent dry skin you can make a homemade facial mask by mixing a mashed banana with a cup of ground oatmeal and to it add some lukewarm milk. Mix everything together to make a smooth paste and apply it all over your face for 10-15 minutes.
Wash your face with cold water. This will help in replenishing the skin moisture, keeping it soft and hydrated.

3. Cure Itchiness- 
Due to the anti-inflammatory properties of Oats, it suits almost all skin types and is clinically proven in treating skin itchiness and dryness. Mix ground oats with warm water to form a thick paste and apply it on your itchy skin to get quick relief from intense itching. An oatmeal bath is also effective in healing a number of skin conditions including dry itchy skin. Oatmeal can be used in curing neurodermatitis, a skin disease characterized by an itchy or inflamed skin.

4. Improve Skin Tone- 
It is not wrong to say that Oats are really Skin’s best friend. Oats do not only help in improving skin texture, but also smoothes out the blotchy areas. It is also an integral part of many beauty products like scrubs, body soaps, exfoliating creams and much more.

5. Helps in treatment of Chicken Pox- 
Due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-itch properties, the Oats are widely used in the treatment of insect bites, Chicken Pox, and Eczema. To get relief from the itchiness caused by poison ivy or chicken pox or even sunburn, you just need to grind oats or oat flour into a fine powder and pour it into a cheesecloth. Tie this cheese cloth  around the bathtub faucet and squeeze out water periodically from it to have a tepid bath. You can also choose to rub this cheese cloth containing oats powder on the itchy skin.

6. Work as a Natural Cleanser- 
Oats contains a natural cleanser, known as saponins that removes excess oil and dirt from the skin and makes it look fresh and younger looking. You can make oat milk by soaking Oats in water. It is said to be a natural toner and cleanser. Apply this oat milk on your face using a cotton pad after washing your face with a face wash to smoothen and soften your skin. Another effective way of cleansing your skin and pores is taking an Oat bran bath. For this place ½ cup of oat groans or rolled oats in some cloth and tie it to make a small bag. Place this bag in your bathtub and press the bag to release the oat milk. This oats milk can be used on your body or face instead of soap for mild scrubbing.

7. Treat Several Skin conditions- The lubricant fats in Oats creates a protective layer around our skin, which protects it from harmful UV radiations, protects skin damage as well as prevent skin conditions like Eczema, and Rosacea.

8. Skin Moisturizer- Oats removes the dead skin cells and penetrates deep into the skin to moisturize it and makes it glowing, soft and smooth. You can make a homemade moisturizer by adding a cup of milk, two cups of oats and a tablespoon of honey. Use this homemade moisturizer to moisturize your skin as well as relax your body.

Benefits of Oats for Hair

1. Prevent Hair Loss- 
Oats are a rich source of zinc, iron, potassium and magnesium that combats hair loss and promotes the growth of healthy hair. A meal containing oats, berries and pumpkin is a rich source of vitamin C, vitamin A and other nutrients. Vitamin C is beneficial in preventing scurvy, a disease that can also cause hair loss. Vitamin A, on the other hand, promotes hair development and maintenance.

2. Eradicates excess oil and dirt from the Scalp- 
Oats are the best and natural way to remove sebum, excess oil and dirt from the scalp and makes your hair, long, lustrous and strong.

3. Treats Dandruff- 
Take some oatmeal and mix it with some fresh milk and almond oil and make a paste. Detangle your hair and gently apply the mixture all over your scalp. Leave it to dry for 15-20 minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water.

4. Perfect for Blond Hair- 
Ground oats is the best dry shampoo for blond hair. Just take some ground oats and rub them gently on your scalp and brush out the excess oats.

5. Treat Dry and Itchy Scalp- 
Act as a natural moisturizer, oats are highly beneficial in treating dry and itchy scalp. Using Oatmeals can do wonders to your hair and can make it soft, shiny and strong.

The best things about Oats are that they are easy to cook and can be easily added to your daily diet. Regular consumption of Oats is a great way to improve your personal health. Unlike other food items, Oats are also very affordable and can help you shed unwanted weight quickly and easily. So, why spend a ton of money on the latest dieting program when you can get better results by eating healthy foods, like oats, on a daily basis?

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